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Nanakramguda; a Gold Mine for Commercial Real Estate in Hyderabad

Ever since its inception in 1591, Hyderabad has never stopped growing. From being a global trade center in various quarters to what it is now, Hyderabad’s development has been multifaceted. And real estate has played a very important role in this.

It is safe to say that Hyderabad’s soil has always been fertile for the real estate sector. As the city keeps expanding every day, more and more places that were earlier considered outskirts are now becoming a hotbed for commercial real estate – like Nanakramguda.

Enter Big Players

A suburb in Serilingampally, Nanakramguda, also known as Financial District, is an IT, real estate and architectural cradle. Real estate was thriving in this part of the city when COVID-19 brought a sudden halt to everything. However, the scene is gradually picking its pace back with numerous giant projects by big players making their way into Nanakramguda.

According to experts, more properties were sold in Hyderabad in the first few months of 2021, as compared to that of the same period in 2020. This spurt of growth can not only give Nanakramguda a facelift, but also elevate and expand its real estate horizon!

Projects That Are Changing the Face of Nanakramguda

According to the report by property consultant firm Knight Frank, as of November 2020, office spaces in Hyderabad were sold thrice more than the previous five years.

This month, Medtronic, a global leader in the medical technology industry, opened its expanded facility, named Medtronic Engineering & Innovation Centre (MEIC), at BSR Tech Park at Nanakramguda. It is touted to be Medtronic’s biggest research and development centre outside the US.

Nanakramguda is also all set to welcome Google Inc’s biggest campus outside its headquarters in the US; its first company-owned campus in Asia.

While these two projects are sufficient to turn things around for Nanakramguda, it just doesn’t stop there.

Apart from these two projects, Nanakramguda will also be home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. SAS Infra is currently in the process of building an iTower; a 36 floored building said to be Hyderabad’s tallest building.

But this might not be the case, as there are also reports coming in of projects, which are nearly 40 floors tall, being built in the area to claim the title of the talent building in Hyderabad. However, they may not be able to take the crown from SAS iTower as the biggest commercial project in Hyderabad.

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