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Site visit & face to face

Deciding to sign on the dotted line after a visit to the construction site is advisable because:

  • Most of the virtual tours of the property are wonderful, but all of them won’t show the landscape promised by the builder. Only a site visit can give you an idea of the surroundings.

  • To see the quality of electrical equipment and kind of fittings that go into the building.

  • Transportation is a major factor in commercial property or residential property. Site visit can give you an idea of road connectivity and the modes of transportation available.

  • To know the extent of development in the area and any new or existing projects in the area.

Once you've visited the site and are satisfied with the project, we set up a face to face with the Construction company’s Sales Team. This is an important step of the purchase cycle too. Face to Face would give you a chance to

With the advent of technology, it’s easier and fun for a prospecting buyer looking to invest in a property. Many real estate portals give a virtual tour of the property which are accurate to an extent.

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